NZ North Island Titles

Even though I come from New Zealand, I had never raced the North Island Titles. They were always held on the same weekend as the South Island Titles back in the day. I went over with Dane Anderson (My travelling buddy) and stayed with Robbie Turner & family. Thanks Guys!

The track was very nice, pretty short, but nice turns and great surface etc. Day 1: was racing both bikes for 4 motos each, the weather was great & hanging out with our NZ Crisp Bros NBR Team was great fun! I managed to win all of my cruiser races & 3 firsts & a second on my 20” our class was combined with the younger age class.

Day 2: we had another 2 motos on each bike, I managed to get a couple more wins on the cruiser & a

first & a second on the 20”. I managed to qualify first on the cruiser & 2nd on the 20”. The 20” main I chose to go from out wide, with my slightly higher gearing it turned out to be a mistake and got hung out wide & in the pack, chalk me up for a 4th for the day.

I had the cruiser final 8 races later, I chose to gate in the middle this time. Got a great gate & managed to get a win for the day. Dane also got a win on the cruiser, as did Shimmy and the good news is that it helped the team win the team trophy for the day.

Image by Biascle Photos

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