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Sawtell brings results for CBR

Round 5 of the NSW State Series brought some success for CBR's Factory Elite Women Athlete Leanna Curtis and Co-Factory 11 boys young gun Noah Elton, both who head off to the World Champs in a weeks time.

Leann Curtis: After making some mistakes in the final at round 4 of the NSW state series two weeks earlier costing me the win, I was determined to get a win up in Sawtell.

I had bought some things before leaving that I hoped would help the pain in my lower back on race day. After driving 7 hours and hopping on the track to practice on Saturday I was pleasantly surprised with how it was feeling and just did the minimum practice I could which still allowed me to feel confident enough on the track on Sunday.

I was happy that the changes I made to try and help my back feel better worked, and it felt much better than the last race on race day.

I qualified 2nd out of the heats behind Saya. Saya had a great start in the final and had the lead to begin with, but I was confident with my speed around the track. I gained on her in the third straight but was on the outside going into the turn so I did a high-low move in the turn and made my way past her by the end of the second last straight. Saya and I have been having some good close races together, it has been good pushing each other hard in the lead up to Worlds, and I was glad to cross the line 1st this time.

I’m feeling confident in my speed around the track and will be using it to my advantage at World Titles in a couple of weeks

Noah Elton: Sawtell state round and pre titles at MacArthur for mighty 11's. At south lakes I had a great time and won all my heats and finals and was very happy because Cooper fox was back racing. Pre titles at MacArthur has been one of my major goals for this year to make the mighty 11's team and was very hard because it rained all Saturday and was very soft on Sunday. After saturdays qualifiers I was third fastest and on Sunday I had 1 more to go and tried my hardest and made it up to qualify second which I was super happy with because some of the others were from 12 boys and the top 3 were 11 boys. I can't wait to go to New Zealand and to do the training days.

At Sawtell I was very happy to win all my races and finals again because there was a few people from Queensland that came down. I have now had 3 perfect round state series and 2 almost perfect rounds so have won the state series for this year which was another one of my goals for this year. I am feeling very confident and exited about going to America next week and look forward to racing.

Supported athlete Felicia Thomas: Competing in the NSW State series rounds was and has been a big part of the years competitions as it gives us a chance to ride the NSW state championships, The most recent achievements from the series was from rounds 4 in South-lake bmx and 5 at Sawtell bmx. Last months South-lake race i placed 2nd in all my mottos but close with the competition making a challenging race at times but places comfortably 2nd in the final, not my favoured result but something to keep my head up and remain training to reach a goal. The 5th round in Sawtell was a fantastic experience near the north side of the state and ringing in some other competitors, i placed 1st in all of my mottos and with my head held high i managed to take away the 1st on the podium in my final; A fantastic way to end a long weekend and put me in a great mindset as it was my last race before the world championships!

Photo: Redbak Photography

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