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Strong finish for Ennis - Canada Cup Series

After some new adjustments in the gym in the last few weeks, I’m well on my way to getting closer to my goals and was feeling strong coming into the event. We spent a few days training at the Toronto SX track where the conditions became windy very quickly. With this track being very wide open and with flat turns, you have to go full gas on every straight, which makes it a very exhausting lap come race time. To start things off on the first day of racing we saw a large amount of wind roll in come race time, which happened to be an unfriendly side wind, which made the first 2 straights an interesting ride! After the first lap feeling the burn, we ended being run again after a short 10 minutes which made for a very tiring second lap and a much needed recovery ride before the last round. After some interesting technical difficulties with the event organizers we got the third and final round going and I finished off the day with a 4th place against some fast fellow country men in the 3rd round of the Canada Cup!

Day 2 made for some better racing with much less wind, and some interesting laps! I was able to have some better lines down the second straight and finishing 3rd in the first round. With some action happening down the third straight I was able to move into second place finishing a solid lap. Come round 3 there was a crash on the exit of the first turn which I was lucky to steer clear of and finish off the lap with a first place and a 2nd place for the day for the 4th round of the Canada Cup series.

Overall I’m happy to be walking out of the event healthy with some time to readjust and get ready for the next Canada Cup race, and with National Championships coming up next month! It feels good to get a podium finish and carve some good laps out of the weekend on my CBR bike and get to travel across the country exposing Crisp to new people is always a rad time!

Thank you for the support as I continue on my journey this season!


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