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Crisp partners with Arisun Tires.

When tires play an important part in any race a new player is introduced the Australian BMX tire market. Crisp Bros Racing partners up with Arisun Tires for the 2017 season supplying their foldable XLR8 hi-performace race tire. Developed in the USA to meet modern racers demands on hard packed BMX track surfaces the XLR8 foldable tire will meet the demands of any racer.

With extensive pre season testing by our CBR Factory team here and overseas, the Arisun XLR8 tires performed above expectation in comparison to the other leading race tires on the market today.

The Arisun XLR8 features a V shaped tread pattern custom designed for precise grip around corners and high speed acceleration and side micro lugs help on high lean angles. The foldable light weight tires with Aramid folding bead are race ready and designed to win at the track and include 120tpi casing for better power transfer and resist buckling in the turns. Available with Arisun’s RB2 technology for additional protection on tread and sidewalls to help stop unwanted small debris encountered on different tracks. 24x1.75 tires are also available in wire bead style only.

You can also check out the BMX Ultra gear calculator to find that perfect setup to suit the Arisun XLR8 tires as well.

The Arisun XLR8 tires are available in most popular sizes now in Australia at your favourite BMX store, or for more information on tire specs and sizes log onto

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