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Curtis Rock Hill World Cup Success!

After months overcoming injury and watching from the sidelines, CBR's Leanna Curtis success at the recent Rock Hill World Cup round shows she is happy with her progress and to be back on the bike. "It has been a rocky preparation going into this trip for the last two world cup rounds after hurting my back a couple of months ago. I couldn't walk for a few days and almost cancelled my trip but luckily my physiotherapist was able to help get me back and training a couple of weeks before leaving and I was feeling confident with my riding regardless of the time off. There was only a small number of girls entered for the fourth round of the world cup, with some big names missing, so I was confident there would be a good chance of making it through to the finals. The track was pretty basic but definitely a good track to race on and the weather was great. I made it through the qualifying heats in 4th on day 1. Day 2 was another very nice day of racing and I made it through the heats and semi final to make my first UCI supercross final. With my back still not quite at 100% yet, I am still struggling with the starts but I'm very pleased with 6th in the final. Now I head down to Sarasota, Florida for the fifth and final round of the world cup this weekend and I will be looking to better my starts and improve my results from last week with some extra track time scheduled earlier this week." Image Craig Dutton

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