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Strong results for Ewart in Derby City.

I was pretty excited about going back to the USA for stop #2 & 3 on this year's tour. Derby City Bmx in Louisville, Kentucky was the location. I have been here before, but a lot has changed in the 5 years since the track had a major overhaul, with two new start hills, 8 & 3m heights.

Day 1 started around 2pm, the weather was pretty hot. I had both bikes to race, so the first thing to do was qualify in the moto's and they were stacked, 3 gates in 20" & 2 in cruiser. I transferred out in the 2ND round on cruiser and went straight into the main for 20". Cruiser semi I managed to transfer out with a 4th. Mains, I had a pretty good start passed a couple of riders crossed the line in 3rd on the 20" and another solid start in cruiser finishing 3rd, great start to the weekend! National #3 was on Sunday & started early at 8:30 am. I transferred out in round #1 on cruiser in 20" my heat was super hard, but I managed to transfer out in moto #2, so that was cool. I made both mains again! Cruiser was a nice clean race for 3rd, 20" on the other hand was hectic, I was 4th into the first turn, unfortunately I pulled a clip while jumping & almost binned it, luckily I rode it out with 7th as the result. So all in all I had some pretty solid results, making all of my mains with 4 podiums and no crashes. After racing I will travel to Niagara Falls to stay with friends and get ready for the Maple Leaf Nationals in Milton, Canada. A Big thanks to all of my sponsors & supporters!

Steve Ewart #113

Image by BMX Action Photography.

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