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Project 05

Project 05 was a collaboration between Trent Powell from Rocket Custom Designs, Steve Ewart and Crisp Bros Racing creating a one off piece of bike art paying homage to Peter Brock's 05 1984 race car livery. The bike fittingly debuted at the 2016 Bathurst Australian Champs. Thanks to Trent Powell for the detailed behind the scenes story of this project. You can view the Project 05 Gallery HERE

The Concept

For what seems like a simple concept, can sometime take a little longer to become a reality. I approached Steve about 7 months prior to the Australian titles about the idea of doing a Bathurst legends tribute frame. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and it wasn’t until a few weeks later when Steve sent me an image of what he had in mind. Funny thing was we both had the same idea. Something bright, something that would stand out, something that everyone remembered and would remember, Peter Brocks 1984 winner, because what else would you want to ride to become King of the Mountain when paying tribute to the mountain itself.

5 Steps Back

Weeks later Steve unfortunately had a big fall in Cairns, at the Queensland titles and the whole lot was pushed to the back burner. Within a few weeks Steve was up and mobile again (this guy is a freak) and after painting Steve’s helmet and at the mention of the Aussie titles, it seemed to give him a bit more drive. We continued talking and that’s when the concept of the Brock frame dropped back into our heads again, I saw a sparkle in Steve’s eyes and whole different level of determination stepped in again, he reckons I put the pressure on him to go to the Aussie’s, he had a choice, I think he just used me as excuse, LOL.

A Leap Forward

In January we informed Cameron from Crisp Brother Racing, who I believe was already aware of the idea, that we were keen to follow up this idea. Cameron set the standard of what he wanted to remain and I threw at him what I wanted to add and the colours we were using, from here with Cams help with the graphic files we created the Peter Brock Tribute Frame.

King of the Mountain

Three weeks out from the Aussie titles, Steve pulled his bike apart and supplied me with his frame, forks and wheels. A few weeks prior, we had set about creating cutting files for any stencils and stickers for the frame and components, the frame was stripped of its factory paint and with use of good quality primers and paint from DeBeers, the frame receive a base coat of white and all logos painted on in black, yes painted on, no stickers here. More masking and whilst wearing a pair of sunglasses the frame received the super bright fluorescent red, the same colours used on Brocks 1984 Commodore. We finished off with a couple coats of 2 PAK clear to make it all shiny and for some reason, this made the red glow even brighter.

Vinyl WHAT!

After the Aussies the plan was to pull the bike down in preparation for Steve’s new frame, so in order to transfer his parts the forks were vinyl wrapped in white, then fluorescent red vinyl to match the frame and have Box and Rocket Custom logos applied later. The wheels received the same treatment, vinyl wrapped in white with black lettering, but to save time they were wrapped assembled instead of pulling the wheels apart, this also prevented any chance of parts failure or excessive stress to spoke nipples.

Many Thanks

Thanks to Cameron at Crisp Brothers Racing for allowing us the opportunity to get our services down to Bathurst, and for helping fill the void with any art work we were limited in. Thanks to Steve Ewart for getting us out and about in Bathurst, your assistance in helping to get our name out there has been great and your come back from injury is truly inspiring. Thanks also to Signature Paints for getting us such a high quality products we need when we need them. And lastly to my wife Emma for giving me the kick along when I need it and supporting what I do, without her and her vision, I couldn’t give you the awesome art works that I create.

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