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Argentina SX Round 1 Wrap-up

CBR's Leanna Curtis started her UCI World Cup campaign with round 1 in Argentina last weekend, her report is how her weekend unfolded.

After winning national titles and doing some solid sessions at Luke Madills supercross I felt good coming into the first round of the supercross series. The trip into Argentina was very long, over 30 hours of flying, however we had a spare day to recover and then do some activation and sprints before getting on the track the next day.

First practice session went well, needing to focus on being more aggressive down the start hill in the next session before qualification motos the next day. In the qualifying races I had good speed around the track. I finshed with two 2nds and a 3rd, qualifying me into the main race on Saturday in 10th.

I woke the next day feeling pretty tired but felt I could improve on yesterdays racing. Unfortunately when it came to racing I struggled to keep focus as we were being held on the gate a little long before each race, and

I was nervous/tense and focusing on other things, rather than on myself. My laps were also pretty messy, I was making too many mistakes around the track, which cost me spots I needed to be able to qualify into the semi finals.

Overall I'm a little bit disappointed with my results, although I know what I need to work on and will be working hard to improve these areas and looking to do better at the next SX round in Manchester in 2 weeks.

Leanna Curtis #172

Image: Jerry Landrum - BMXMania

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