When I was 7 years old, I got to meet one of my BMX idols - Dean Crisp. I was in awe of him as he was someone I looked up to and aspired to be as a young rider.

One of my favorite memories as a child was going to Dean’s house and walking down into the back room and looking and smelling all the new Crisp gear and apparel that was filling up the room.  I felt like a kid in a candy shop! 


During my years with Crisp, I received unlimited advice, support and was able to be involved in a great team culture who really cared for their riders. In 1990 at Miami International, I came a close second behind 7 x National Champion Ben Moratti.  


This was the turning point in my racing career and earned my way onto the Crisp Factory Team. During my time on the team (1990 – 1994) I won multiple State and National plates.

  • #1 ACT

  • #8 SQ

  • #4 Q, #5 Q

  • #7 A, #5 A, #3 A, #8 A (x 2)

  • #2 CQ (x 2), #5 CQ, #6 CQ


1994 was my final year of racing and my final year with Crisp.  I have recently started racing again (2014) and I haven’t lost the love and addiction that the sport brings.  Not only have I met and made lots of new friends, but I have also re-connected with lots of old racers since I started back racing again. 


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