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   Jason Naumann left his name on the sport of BMX as one of the greats and made himself and Crisp a household name in the late 80’s. Jason began racing in 1982 and was a member of the Nerang BMX Club. Sponsored by many teams as he progressed through the sport DME, PeddlePower and Freeagent deal through Dave Barties Bike Shop to name a few. He joined Crisp around 1987 and was unstoppable on the bike.


   Jason made his way to the podium at many titles throughout his BMX career, his bedroom walls stacked high with trophies. 87 Australian Titles in Canberra where he rode with a broken elbow coming 2nd to Karl Mustchin of Western Australia. 2nd in 16 Expert at a very warm 1987 World Titles in Florida, Jason hitting the gate and coming out stone motherless last and pushed his way back through the field.


   1989 was a great year results wise for Jason, winning a final at the Ipswich West Moreton International Meeting over Bas De Bever from Holland and Billy Griggs from the USA. Also that year, Australia hosted the World Titles in Brisbane. Only just turning 18 Jason was unbeatable in 18-24 class, winning all his motos, quarter, semi and winning the final by a huge lead with Bill Dixon 2nd and Tim Ward 3rd an all Australian Podium.


   1990 Australian Titles in Melbourne he placed 2nd to Paul Adams in the ProAm Class. Later that same year his leg was injured racing at Logan City which was never the same again, leaving the sport he loved. Jason made a small comeback in 2008 and showed he still had it.


   “They were wonderful years and as a family we all enjoyed the racing and the social contacts. It was a shame it ended earlier than we expected but nothing ever goes to plan. It's certainly a wonderful sport for both young and the not so young.” Julie Naumann

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