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   One of the most notable female riders that wore the Crisp colours was Victorian rider Jaclyn Wilson. Riding a bike at the age of 4 and introduced to BMX by her parents in 1981, Jaclyn recalling her first bike she raced was an old Mongoose. 

   Naturally talented as a rider it wasn’t long till she became sponsored. Picked up by Triple R Racing with notable team mate Luke Madil. Then moving to the strong MCS team along with Justin Ransom, Michael Camini, Luke Madil, Lee Donavan & Bruce Morris.

   The Wilson family had also made the decision to move from Victoria to Queensland and lived on the sunny Gold Coast. Becoming a member of the Miami BMX club & trained hard with coach Peter Jurd. It wasn’t till around 1988 that Jaclyn 12 joined Crisp  “It was more like a family than a team. We would all regularly go out to dinners, it was a great vibe and team to ride for” Jaclyn also had her own signature expert frame while with the team, frames where painted in a neon pink with chrome froks and rear end.

   Jaclyn’s first World Titles was 1985 in Whistler, Canada where she came 4th. She recalls "The first corner on the track was very tricky with a lot of riders being pushed high and over it, and wild bears appearing from the forest around the track."

   1987 Florida World Titles in the United States, placing 7th in very hot conditions, “ I remember soaking my jersey with water to try and stay cool”. 1988 Worlds in Chilli, the Australian Government warning traveller’s not to attend due to Military tension. Jaclyn and her family not detered, bring home World 1 that year. Jaclyn being interviewed on Nines Wide World of Sports.

   1989 Jaclyn was on a high after winning Aussies titles and hoping to back up her W1 title from Chilli at the Worlds held in Brisbane, Jaclyn settling for 2nd place to Renee Mckean. 1990 World's in France she took back her W1. “I had very tough competition from the US girls and a flat tire just before the final too, but excited to win”

   Around late 1991 Jaclyn’s farther John Wilson became the new owner of Crisp Bros Racing. John did really well travelling around each state with his Pro shop and creating the Crisp Mean Mother Frame/Fork of which 15 in total were made. “Even though I was excited for Dad making a success of Crisp, to me it just didn’t feel the same. Competition was still tough on the track before I semi retired” Jaclyn said.

   Jaclyn returned to BMX in 2009, riding a Mongoose Solution and with only 3 months training won the National Titles in Perth in both 17+ women and Cruiser. Then raced Worlds held in Adelaide that same year, W1 in Cruiser and 6th in 20” trying a corner move which didn’t go to plan. Jacyln recently became dual National Champ in 2015.

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