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    Dean and I had been friends and competitors for a few of years as I had been racing Pro since 14. I was closely connected to the Mongoose Factory Team during the early 80’s which Dean raced for. At this stage and in the home state of Crisp Bros Racing, the actual team and amount of support for Crisp riders was an absolute pleasure to be surrounded with and created a very solid team atmosphere to belong too.
Well, it's hard to remember where it all started as it was nearly 30 years ago, but from
my memory, it all started off with a bang!
    Dean flew me up to the Gold Coast for the January 1987 Miami $1000. My first race on the new bike was a week before in Ballina. For all the right reasons the new bike and I connected very fast and it was a rocket off the gate! Miami race day comes and long story short, I won the main with a last straight freight train run. The next thing I will never forget is during presentation; Darren Crisp poured champagne all over me to celebrate the beginning of an amazing time on Crisp! To finish off the weekend, they sent me from Deans house to the airport in a Limo!
    The next notable moment was the 87 Canberra Aussie Titles a few months later and we celebrated my Number 1 in Open class cruiser. I was also coming second during the Pro final and became caught up when the leader and BMX legend, Paul Addams, slid out, placing 5th. Dean and I traveled and raced well together and over time that became, obvious to both of us. The road trips, the racing and the after parties are stories for another time or possibly a book.
    My time with Crisp finished pretty much as it started. The last memory I have was at the 1988 Aussie titles in Alice springs where we had an exciting start with the track completely submerged with the flood, to then have a Helicopter drying the track, and for my weekend to finish with two National Number 1 Titles.
I have only fond memories of Dean, Darren, the team, their parents. His product was cutting edge and a pleasure to use. I would love to have the old whip still sitting in the stable... One day!

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