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     The New Zealand CRISP team started around 1986 With Martin Jenner in the open men’s group he was followed by Scott Nelson who was given Australian Jason Naumann’s frame after a great performance at the Orlando World Champs in 1987. Damon Anderson CRISP team member emigrated from Australia in 1987 joining the team he was replaced by Boyd Nelson after he beat him in the 1988 NZ National Titles.


     My Father Errol started importing the brand in 1987, we as a family ran a shop out of our basement and at all the tracks we raced at throughout the late 80s early 90s, growing the CRISP brand into the most common race bike in the country. Dean Crisp came and toured New Zealand with us on a few occasions at the North Island and South Island Titles. Our family has very fond memories of the time with CRISP and still retain most of our factory uniforms.


    1989 Worlds in Brisbane saw Scott and myself welcomed into the CRISP world factory team. This was also the year that Dad along with Neville Grey from Ipswich club in Brisbane began the Mighty 11 test series between Australia and New Zealand which remains the premier goal of any young racer in either country.


    We parted company with CRISP BROS RACING in 1993 to start our own team NELSON BROTHERS RACING which I still run today. This parting of ways was around the same time that Dean Crisp sold the company in Australia and signalled the end of an era for the brand in New Zealand.


     NELSON BROTHERS RACING would like to wish CRISP BROTHERS RACING good luck with the relaunch of your brand and look forward to seeing CRISP back in the winners circle.

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