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Scott Pedie joined Crisp Brothers Racing in 1984 and raced till 1985. In those 2 years Scott had a string of good results placing 4th at the 84 worlds, 1st at the Pacific Oceanics at Miami, 1st at the 84 Australia Champs in Byford WA and 2 x wins at the 85 Queensland Champs at Tweed / Coolangatta.


The Crisp Bros Racing family were all involved and very supportive towards all their team riders and Dean was a great role model and always help me out with bike setup and some race craft.  This help ultimately got my 2 wins out of 4 races against Andrew Figliomini who i had the privilege of racing only once at a logan city 10000 race meeting.


My two years with Crisp Bros Racing was truly an awesome time in my life and i feel very lucky to have been a part of such a great Australian BMX Company.

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